Black and Whites
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Image 3-1
Monastery through the trees.

Image 3-2
Point Pinos - Oldest lighthouse in continuous use in California.

Image 3-3
Coastal color pop.

Image 3-4
Centrella Hotel under spooky skies.

Image 3-5
Blackbird on a pumpkin patch.

Image 3-6
Point Pinos Lighthouse in the fog.

Image 3-7
A boy and his dog making the most of the fog.

Image 3-8
I had a feeling that I was being followed. .

Image 3-9
Great Egret fishing at Sillwater Cove, Pebble Beach.

Image 3-10
Castles along the sand and sea. Carmel, CA.

Image 3-11
Floating feather.

Image 3-12
Who goes there?