Sunsets and Sunrises
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Image 4-1
Balancing sun at Asilomar State Beach.

Image 4-2
Sunset Journey - Pelicans at Asilomar State beach.

Image 4-3
Orange streaked sunset.

Image 4-4
Peaceful pelican - Monterey Harbor.

Image 4-5
First Awakenings - Monterey Harbor.

Image 4-6
Asilomar State Park sunset.

Image 4-7
The morning sun pierces a tie down cleat at breakwater Cove, Monterey.

Image 4-8
Dawning at the Aquarium in Monterey.

Image 4-9
Pacific Grove sunset silhouettes pagoda house roof.

Image 4-10
Dog on Asilomar State Beach gets in final romp before dark.

Image 4-11
The sun sets behind Pebble Beach's Arrowhead Point.

Image 4-12
Sun sets over Pacific Grove tidepools.